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Barcelona is the capital of freedom-loving Catalonia. The city has become a center of attraction for millions of travelers from all over the world. Tourists visit Barcelona to see the architectural masterpieces of Gaudí, stroll through the Gothic Quarter, enjoy the picturesque parks and beaches, and taste Catalan cuisine. Despite the well-preserved historical monuments, it is a modern city with luxurious hotels, shopping centers, and trendy restaurants.

In order to get the most out of your stay, choose Kiwitaxi and book Barcelona Sightseeing Ride by Car! This is an amazing trip around the most picturesque places in a comfortable car. Our driver is a local: he will tell you everything about the traditions and specifics of life in Barcelona, as well as advise on where to find the best places for relaxation and entertainment. Make up your own route consisting of the sights you want to see: send us the list via chat or discuss it with the driver on site. Feel free to improvise along the way! The number of locations that you will visit depends on the chosen duration of the ride. You can stop anywhere in the city to look around and take lovely photos!


We recommend you to visit the following places

Palau Nacional and Magic Fountain of Montjuïc
Palau Nacional and Magic Fountain of Montjuïc
It is one of the unparalleled landmarks in Barcelona. A few stairs and escalators lead up to the Spanish Renaissance palace to offer awe-striking views. In the evening Palau Nacional is more attractive than ever: cascading fountains are illuminated and the fountain starts a spectacular display. It sprays water through its 3,620 jets and involves 4,760 lights, 50 different shades and 3 million liters of water.
Gothic Quarter
Gothic Quarter
The medieval buildings and the majestic ancient squares are sure to enchanter you. This quarter bears the alias of the old Barcelona in miniature. It is a place of urban legends, with every house and alley holding its own history. Narrow winding streets carry traces of Roman culture—walls, towers and aqueducts. The streets lead to Mediterranean restaurants, to Barcelona Cathedral, and The Plaça Sant Jaume, which used to be at the heart of Barcelona's political events.
Playa de La Barceloneta
Playa de La Barceloneta
The place offers a well-maintained area to swim and enjoy a beach holiday. It lets the tourists feel the holiday atmosphere on the Mediterranean coast. The Playa is yet another historical site. One km away is the old Santa Maria del Mar—the place where sailors used to come to pray before sailing.
Sagrada Família
Sagrada Família
It is one of Antoni Gaudi's masterpieces. The architect tells us the biblical stories in the 12 towers that represent the 12 Apostles and the magnificent facades depicting the life of Virgin Mary and Jesus. The fascinating stone figures of gargoyles adorn the place. Its construction is still in progress. The Sagrada Família's completion is anticipated in 2026. It will become the tallest Christian church in the world.
 La Rambla
La Rambla
La Rambla is the most famous street in Barcelona. It runs up to divide the Gothic Quarter from the modern part of the city. This is a perfect place to sense the spirit of old Europe which emanates from every cafe and every gift shop. The street is full of many beautiful buildings: in particular, the former Jesuit University and the Church of Bethlehem. The superstition holds that if you drink from the famous cast-iron fountain at the start of your journey, you will definitely return to Barcelona.
Park Güell
Park Güell
Park Güell is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the classification “The Works of Antoni Gaudi”. The landmark reveals the depth of his genius. The fairytale house from the opera “Hansel and Gretel” has a remarkable roof that looks like a toadstool.
Tibidabo is the highest mountain in Barcelona and the sacred place for the Spaniards. Its name is translated from Latin as “I will give it to you”. According to the Scripture, Satan went up to this mountain with Christ, promising to give him the whole city. The top of the mountain is 512 meters high and is visible from anywhere in the city. Be sure to visit Tibidabo: you will remember this incredible view forever!
Catalonia Square
Catalonia Square
The trademark of Barcelona is an extremely popular tourist attraction. The square separates two districts: the Old Town and the Eixample. Locals and visitors of the city admire this square not only for its beauty, but also for unparalleled landscaping, abundance of greenery, and amazing architecture with numerous fountains and sculptures.
Montjuïc Park
Montjuïc Park
A green oasis of Barcelona with its lush vegetation has an interesting landscape, extraordinary architecture, fountains, and monuments. Located on the mountainside, the park is considered one of the main centers of attraction. The park is intended for promenades and various kinds of events that are held here regularly.
The Arc de Triomf
The Arc de Triomf
This majestic and grandiose structure is located near the central square of the city—between Passeig de Lluís Companys and Passeig de Sant Joan. This is a significant architectural monument which was built as a sign of scientific and cultural progress in Spain. Be sure to visit the Arc de Triomphe to admire its unique architecture and compare it to other European arches.
Passeig de Gràcia
Passeig de Gràcia
Paseo de Gracia is one of the most busy and spacious avenues in Barcelona. It is 42 m wide, which is uncommon for Spain. Tourists and locals admire its beautiful ancient architecture, unusual structures, and historical monuments. Look at the bright windows of local boutiques and impressive office buildings of large companies!
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Why choose us?

Individual approach
You can make stops anywhere in the city
Book now, pay later
You can pay the full price in cash on site
Free cancellation
You will get a full refund if the order is cancelled more than 24 hours before the start of the ride
Non-fixed starting time
The ride will start at a convenient time: be sure to specify it when booking

Perfect to

Enjoy the atmosphere of the city
Visit the most desirable places, listen to the stories of our driver, and take a million pictures for your social media
Make the most out of a long layover
Take the opportunity to explore the city during a layover, after an early arrival, or before a late departure
Have a rest with the whole family
Explore the city in a comfortable way! We can provide you with a child seat, a booster, or an infant seat
Give your loved ones vivid impressions
Organize a great vacation for your family and friends in order to make their stay in the city truly unforgettable

What's included

  • Pickup and dropoff within the city
  • A comfortable car
  • An experienced driver who is a local
  • Drinking water
  • All taxes, fees, and fuel costs
  • 24/7 support service

Tips and tricks

  • The best time to visit Barcelona is in September and October. During these months there are not so many tourists in the city. The heat subsides, and the sea is still warm.
  • In order to keep in touch with your loved ones, purchase an Orange Mundo SIM card. For 15 euros, you will receive 10 GB of Internet.
  • Many museums, markets, squares, and city parks have free Wi-Fi hotspots marked with blue signs and a white letter «W» written on them.
  • To get to the main attractions without queues, buy tickets online: by doing that, you will save a lot of time and money.
  • Choose cafés and restaurants according to the number of locals: if there are lots of them, you will definitely be served a delicious and inexpensive lunch.
  • Be sure to check out the tapas bars where visitors get a national snack for free if they order a drink.


What is your cancellation policy?
You will receive a 100% refund if the order is canceled more than 24 hours before the start of the trip. In case you cancel the order less than 24 hours before the start of the trip (or in case of your no-show), a full refund will not be provided.
What happens after I place an order?
We will send an order confirmation and a voucher with information about the driver at your email address. Contact our support service ( in case you have any questions concerning the order.
How can I find my driver?
The driver will be waiting for you at the pickup point that you specified in the booking form. He will contact you 24 hours before the start of the trip for further details.
Can I take the luggage with me in the car?
Yes, we can put it in the trunk, carry it to the hotel, or bring it to the airport terminal.


My mother and I had been dreaming of visiting Barcelona to see the architectural masterpieces of Gaudi. We decided to use your service, on the advice of our relatives. Kiwitaxi service saves time incredibly! Before the beginning of the trip, we added more architectural landmarks to the route. We got an unforgettable experience and took a million photos!
My wife and I had many doubts: what if there would be an old car, or the driver would behave inappropriately - but we worried in vain.
In just a few hours we saw as many beautiful sights as we could have never visited in an entire week if we had traveled by public transport or by local taxi. Many thanks to Kiwitaxi service for such a comfortable ride.
While planning a family vacation in Barcelona, we found the Kiwitaxi service on the Internet. We decided to book a city tour by car because we liked the price and conditions. At the appointed time, a car driver picked us up at the hotel. A special plus – at our request, the car was fully prepared for the transportation of a small child. Within 5 hours, the driver showed almost all of Barcelona and told many interesting things. There was an opportunity to make stops if we really liked something and wanted to look around.
It was the most pleasant trip in the company of a tactful and interesting driver! our kids listened to his stories about Barcelona very attentively. Kiwitaxi made our trip to Barcelona unforgettable!
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