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Car rental is a perfect choice for those who have their own plans for a trip around Cairo. This is a great way to implement your ideas, moving around the city in a comfortable car!

  • Choose the necessary duration of the car rental. A personal driver can take you anywhere in the city and will always be waiting for you in the car.
  • When booking, you can order a meeting at the airport and a child seat at an additional cost.
  • Feel free to choose a business class car in case you enjoy increased comfort or want to experience a ride in a luxurious car.
  • You pay per ride, not per person. The total cost depends on both the car type and the selected duration of the car rental.


Places of Interest in Cairo

Giza pyramid complex
Giza pyramid complex
The legendary necropolis is located in the suburbs of Cairo and consists of small tombs, a statue of the Great Sphinx, and several other pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world, is also situated here. Travelers have the opportunity to appreciate the external grandeur of these constructions and then go inside to walk along the narrow corridors, visit the large galleries, and see the burial chambers.
The Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum
It’s the oldest museum of Egyptian antiquities in the Middle East. It houses artefacts covering the period from the Old Kingdom to the Greco-Roman era. Having visited more than 100 exhibition halls, you can make the so-called journey through time. There are the mummies of pharaohs and animals, the contents of the tomb of Tutankhamun, as well as numerous statues, chariots, jewellery, and much more.
Khan el-Khalili
Khan el-Khalili
The most famous and largest bazaar in Cairo has preserved its authentic architecture and atmosphere. The market offers a million ideas for unique souvenirs, such as golden jewellery, Egyptian cotton, toy camels, and glass lamps. Be sure to taste traditional food and delicious Arabic coffee in one of the old local cafes!
City Stars Mall
City Stars Mall
This is one of the best places in Cairo for relaxation and entertainment. A variety of goods of both the world famous brands and local manufacturers will give you endless shopping opportunities. In addition to a huge number of shops, the mall offers gourmet restaurants, cosy cafes, as well as cinemas, playgrounds, and theme parks.
The Cairo Opera House
The Cairo Opera House
This is one of the largest and most famous opera houses in the Middle East. Created by the architects from both Egypt and Japan, the building is considered a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. This complex consists of several galleries including the Egyptian Modern Art Museum, restaurants, and concert halls.
Al-Azhar Park
Al-Azhar Park
A huge public park located in Old Cairo is considered the green lungs of the city. It has everything you need for a wonderful rest: a lake, scenic walking paths and picnic areas, lush gardens and fountains, as well as cosy cafes and restaurants. Also, there is the observation deck offering breathtaking views of the city.
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Why choose us?

The driver speaks your language
We will provide you with an experienced driver
Fixed price
The total cost is known in advance and depends on the chosen duration of the car rental
Free cancellation
You will get a full refund if the order is cancelled more than 24 hours before the start of the ride
Wide range of car classes
Comfort class cars, business class cars, and minivans are available for booking

What's included

  • Pickup and dropoff within the city
  • A professional driver
  • Drinking water
  • All taxes, fees, and fuel costs
  • 24/7 support service
  • Free waiting time (60 minutes at the airport and 15 minutes in the city)
  • Meeting at the airport (you can order it for an extra fee when booking)
  • Child seats (you can order them for an extra fee when booking)

Tips and tricks

  • In Cairo, women must dress chastely and cover their shoulders, forearms, and legs. Avoid wearing short-sleeved clothes or miniskirts, especially in mosques and shrines. Men are allowed to wear shorts but it is not recommended to go sleeveless.
  • Schedule your day according to the local rules. On Fridays, all local shops and cafes are closed until noon as it’s prayer time.
  • In order to enjoy shopping at the popular Khan el-Khalili bazaar, visit it on weekdays. It’s usually overcrowded on Saturdays and Sundays. Be sure to look into the oldest cafe in Cairo called El Fishawi which has been operating since 1769. Take a break after a long walk, try tasty dishes of local cuisine, and drink Arabic spiced coffee!
  • It is important to bargain at local markets and bazaars in order to get a discount: Egyptians respect those who can stand their ground. But in mosques and shops, the prices are usually fixed.
  • You can find some sellers too intrusive in Cairo. In these cases, use the Arabic word «la’a» (no) as it is the easiest way to refuse buying the goods. In order not to sound rude, you may say «la’a, shukran» (no, thank you).


What is your cancellation policy?
You will receive a 100% refund if the order is canceled more than 24 hours before the start of the car rental. In case you cancel the order less than 24 hours before the start of the car rental (or in case of your no-show), a full refund will not be provided.
What happens after I place an order?
We will send an order confirmation and a voucher with all the necessary information about the order at your email address. Contact our support service via email ( or via Telegram (@kiwitaxi_tour) in case you have any questions concerning the order.
How can I find my driver?
The driver will be waiting for you at the pickup point that you specified in the booking form. He will contact you for further details via the messaging app 24 hours before the start of the car rental. The driver will call you if there are less than 24 hours left and if you haven’t answered him in the messaging app.
Can I take the luggage with me in the car?
Yes, we can put it in the trunk, carry it to the hotel, or bring it to the airport terminal.

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May 27, 2023

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