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Malaga is one of the oldest European cities, as well as the cultural and tourist center of Spain. Due to its rich history, the city can boast of various architectural styles. The ancient part of Malaga with Moorish fortresses, majestic cathedrals, and winding streets harmoniously coexists here with many modern buildings and shopping centers. The nature of this sunny city can fascinate anyone. Enjoy unparalleled mountain landscapes, magnificent parks, and well-maintained beaches!

Book a wonderful Malaga Sightseeing Ride by Car in order to explore fantastic locations of this resort city with Kiwitaxi! This is an amazing trip around the most picturesque places in a comfortable car. Our driver is a local: he will tell you everything about the traditions and specifics of life in Malaga, as well as advise on where to find the best places for relaxation and entertainment. Make up your own route consisting of the sights you want to see: send us the list via chat or discuss it with the driver on site. Feel free to improvise along the way! The number of locations that you will visit depends on the chosen duration of the ride. You can stop anywhere in the city to look around and take memorable photos!


We recommend you to visit the following places

The Alcazaba of Malaga
The Alcazaba of Malaga
The biggest fortress in southern Spain is famous for its maze of courtyards, open-air corridors, and battlements. Enjoy the breathtaking view and indulge in the beauty of the sea and the city!
La Malagueta
La Malagueta
Corrida is the symbol of Spain. Marvel upon the narrow lancet windows with carved cornices and the wide windows with horseshoe-shaped arcades. The diameter of La Malagueta is 52 metres. Today, this place is not only the arena for corrida, but a cultural centre of the city as well.
The Cathedral of Malaga
The Cathedral of Malaga
The Cathedral can be seen from any place of the city. Visit a charming inner courtyard decorated with lots of orange trees and admire the exterior of the building. The interesting fact is that the Cathedral has only one tower instead of two. The second one wasn’t built because of the lack of money. That is why it is sometimes called "La Manquita" which means "The One-Armed Lady".
The Roman Theatre
The Roman Theatre
It was constructed in the first century AD when Malaga used to be one of the Roman provinces. Performances had been held here up to the III century AD until the city was occupied by the Muslims. The building was turned into a stone quarry: the Roman Theatre was eventually hidden underground. However, in 1951 archaeologists started to excavate this historic building. The amphitheatre is now open for visiting.
El Palo District
El Palo District
This is an authentic area which is famous for its clean white beach, picturesque nature, and favorable climate. Tourists and locals like to stroll along the shore, admiring the picturesque scenery.
The Port of Malaga
The Port of Malaga
An old international seaport located on the Mediterranean coast is still in demand. Large cruise liners, motor ships, and yachts stop here regularly. This picturesque place is definitely worth visiting!
The Gibralfaro Castle
The Gibralfaro Castle
The ancient fortress located on the mountain is one of the main attractions of Malaga. This is an incredibly picturesque place! The fortress was built in the X century to protect the city, and later it was turned into a castle. Today, it is a monument of history and architecture, as well as a popular tourist attraction. Visiting the fortress will give you an unforgettable experience and will let you feel the history of Spain.
The Central Market of Atarazanas
The Central Market of Atarazanas
An atmospheric place where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, nuts, and spices. The market is located in a pavilion built in the Arabic style in the XIX century. In 2010, the building was reconstructed: modern elements appeared in its unique architecture. Today, it is a popular place with a rich assortment of products that attracts crowds of travelers.
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Why choose us?

Individual approach
You can make stops anywhere in the city
Book now, pay later
You can pay the full price in cash on site
Free cancellation
You will get a full refund if the order is cancelled more than 24 hours before the start of the ride
Non-fixed starting time
The ride will start at a convenient time: be sure to specify it when booking

Perfect to

Enjoy the atmosphere of the city
Visit the most desirable places, listen to the stories of our driver, and take a million pictures for your social media
Make the most out of a long layover
Take the opportunity to explore the city during a layover, after an early arrival, or before a late departure
Have a rest with the whole family
Explore the city in a comfortable way! We can provide you with a child seat, a booster, or an infant seat
Give your loved ones vivid impressions
Organize a great vacation for your family and friends in order to make their stay in the city truly unforgettable

What's included

  • Pickup and dropoff within the city
  • A comfortable car
  • An experienced driver who is a local
  • Drinking water
  • All taxes, fees, and fuel costs
  • 24/7 support service

Tips and tricks

  • You can find excellent clothes and shoes on local markets, but in order to buy expensive gifts, visit large shopping centers.
  • On Sundays, many museums provide tourists with free entrance.
  • Come to Vino Mío Restaurant to enjoy the magnificent flamenco show.
  • Be sure to enjoy national dishes: tortilla, gazpacho, churros, and a variety of snacks.


What is your cancellation policy?
You will receive a 100% refund if the order is canceled more than 24 hours before the start of the trip. In case you cancel the order less than 24 hours before the start of the trip (or in case of your no-show), a full refund will not be provided.
What happens after I place an order?
We will send an order confirmation and a voucher with information about the driver at your email address. Contact our support service ( in case you have any questions concerning the order.
How can I find my driver?
The driver will be waiting for you at the pickup point that you specified in the booking form. He will contact you 24 hours before the start of the trip for further details.
Can I take the luggage with me in the car?
Yes, we can put it in the trunk, carry it to the hotel, or bring it to the airport terminal.


So glad we’ve found such a convenient service! After long tours by bus, we used to be extremely tired. But this time my wife and I were driving in a spacious and comfortable car with air conditioning. The driver knew the city perfectly well and told us where to find best shops, cafés and some other places for relaxation and having fun. We stopped several times to take the pictures of the sights and the sea.
I took my parents to Malaga and they were delighted! The ride was convenient, interesting, and not tedious at all👍🏻 It was possible to adjust the route but we trusted the driver’s recommendations completely. he was quite knowledgeable and took us to the main locations of the city. We have managed to admire the local tourist attractions and take beautiful photos!
Before leaving Spain, we ordered a sightseeing ride in order to be sure that we saw all attractions of Malaga. We don't like long boring excursions: this trip was a perfect choice! The driver was a very pleasant man who knew the city quite well. He told us interesting things about each sight and answered our questions. It’s a pity we didn’t have enough time to visit El Palo.
Very caring attitude to travelers! We flew to Malaga with kids and ordered 2 child seats in advance. The driver arrived at the hotel in a fully equipped car. We just put the kids in the car and began enjoying the ride. The driver was friendly and showed us the most beautiful places of Malaga in a few hours. Everything was great!
Before the trip, we discussed the route with the driver and he offered us several options. I decided to remove the Atarazanas market from the initial route. We visited a lot of places and took lots of awesome pictures
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