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Milan is a modern Italian metropolis and the center of world fashion. In addition to excellent shopping in luxurious boutiques, the city has something else to surprise its guests with: here you can stroll through historic quarters with lots of majestic cathedrals, as well as admire the graceful palaces and grandiose monuments. Among the bustling streets full of shopping malls, there are many picturesque parks and squares with lovely fountains. Travelers from all over the world come to Milan to see its famous architectural masterpieces and feel the aristocratic spirit of the past.

Choose Kiwitaxi and enjoy the Italian Dolce vita with Milan Sightseeing Ride by Car! This is an amazing trip around the most picturesque places in a comfortable car. Our driver is a local: he will tell you everything about the traditions and specifics of life in Milan, as well as advise on where to find the best places for relaxation and entertainment. Make up your own route consisting of the sights you want to see: send us the list via chat or discuss it with the driver on site. Feel free to improvise along the way! The number of locations that you will visit depends on the chosen duration of the ride. You can stop anywhere in the city to look around and take excellent photos!


We recommend you to visit the following places

Milan Cathedral
Milan Cathedral
Milan Cathedral is one of the most dazzling cathedrals in Europe. It is a breathtaking Gothic building made of white marble. Dedicated to the Nativity of St. Mary, the church was constructed over a few centuries—from 1386 to 1965. Its 500-year-old stained glass windows and the golden Madonnina statue, the patroness of Milan, are some of the most picturesque sights worth seeing.
La Scala
La Scala
The leading opera house in Europe symbolizes Italy's culture. Some of the greatest world’s singers such as Luciano Pavarotti and Feodor Chaliapin performed at La Scala. Its austere neoclassical facade opens on a magnificent hall with unsurpassed acoustics. Modern famous singers call every performance a 'fiery trial' as the audience can hear every shade of the voice. Enjoy the unparalleled architecture of the building!
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
This glorious and impressive gallery is the home to one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. Its grand opening was celebrated in 1877. The gallery was named after the first King Victor Emmanuel III. The structure of the building is designed as a Latin cross, with each arcade offering an individual entrance. The gallery features the famous glass dome, mural paintings, and statues, designed by the best Italian craftsmen.
Via Monte Napoleone
Via Monte Napoleone
It is crammed with fashion stores as well as clothing, footwear, and accessories stores. The most stylish and high-class shopping locale in the world, Quadrilatero della moda can boast of all the major fashion houses. Its narrow streets invariably attract shopaholics. Enjoy the neoclassical architecture and take stunning pictures of the buildings!
Castello Sforzesco
Castello Sforzesco
It is a symbol of Milan's military history. This castle went through many wars and destruction. It has been completely restored today. Tourists are free to enjoy the outer walls with towers and the fortress courtyard.
The Arch of Peace
The Arch of Peace
This is one of the main attractions of the city with an unusual history. Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the construction of the Arch as a sign of his victorious campaigns. The Austrians had to finish the process: they decorated the Arch with figures of people and horses to celebrate victory and peace. Admiring this marvelous tourist attraction, it is difficult to imagine that it was built by different masters.
Giuseppe Meazza Stadium
Giuseppe Meazza Stadium
This is a spacious and comfortable stadium: the main football teams of the country train here on a regular basis. International matches are held here as well: the stands are usually packed to capacity. Be sure to visit Giuseppe Meazza Stadium and take stunning photos of this architectural masterpiece!
Columns of San Lorenzo
Columns of San Lorenzo
Situated in the historic district in front of The Basilica di San Lorenzo, the colonnade had once been a part of another structure built in the II century. It was eventually destroyed, and the remaining 16 columns were moved to the square located near The Basilica. The unique history of the colonnade allows the tourists to take a fresh look at this architectural monument and feel the unparalleled atmosphere of Ancient Rome.
The Navigli District
The Navigli District
This unique district is known as Little Venice. There are water canals with lots of narrow streets stretching along them. Previously, they let traders from other cities deliver a variety of goods to Milan for sale. This location is very beautiful in the evening when lights are lit everywhere in the Navigli District. Go for a walk through this charming place and take memorable photos!
Parco Sempione
Parco Sempione
A delightful 50-hectare park is located in the historical center of Milan. It is one of the oldest parts in the city. Parco Sempione was created in 1893 on the ruins of the drill field. The famous architect Emilio Alemagna became the author of the project. The park is adored by both locals and visitors of the city. Enjoy the original landscape, picturesque views, abundant vegetation, and fresh air!
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Why choose us?

Individual approach
You can make stops anywhere in the city
Book now, pay later
You can pay the full price in cash on site
Free cancellation
You will get a full refund if the order is cancelled more than 24 hours before the start of the ride
Non-fixed starting time
The ride will start at a convenient time: be sure to specify it when booking

Perfect to

Enjoy the atmosphere of the city
Visit the most desirable places, listen to the stories of our driver, and take a million pictures for your social media
Make the most out of a long layover
Take the opportunity to explore the city during a layover, after an early arrival, or before a late departure
Have a rest with the whole family
Explore the city in a comfortable way! We can provide you with a child seat, a booster, or an infant seat
Give your loved ones vivid impressions
Organize a great vacation for your family and friends in order to make their stay in the city truly unforgettable

What's included

  • Pickup and dropoff within the city
  • A comfortable car
  • An experienced driver who is a local
  • Drinking water
  • All taxes, fees, and fuel costs
  • 24/7 support service

Tips and tricks

  • Avoid visiting Milan in August: this is the hottest month of the year. Many shops and restaurants are closed during this period.
  • In restaurants and cafés located in tourist areas tips are already included in the bill. In other places it is customary to leave 10-15% of the check amount.
  • The streets of the historical part of the city are lined with paving stones. When going for a walk, make sure you wear comfortable shoes.
  • After 11 am, Italians avoid drinking beverages with milk: they suppose it can affect digestion negatively.
  • Some malls are closed during siesta: don’t go shopping from 1 pm to 4 pm.
  • It would be better to always take an umbrella with you. The weather is quite unpredictable: it can start raining at any moment.


What is your cancellation policy?
You will receive a 100% refund if the order is canceled more than 24 hours before the start of the trip. In case you cancel the order less than 24 hours before the start of the trip (or in case of your no-show), a full refund will not be provided.
What happens after I place an order?
We will send an order confirmation and a voucher with information about the driver at your email address. Contact our support service ( in case you have any questions concerning the order.
How can I find my driver?
The driver will be waiting for you at the pickup point that you specified in the booking form. He will contact you 24 hours before the start of the trip for further details.
Can I take the luggage with me in the car?
Yes, we can put it in the trunk, carry it to the hotel, or bring it to the airport terminal.


We slightly adjusted the route before the beginning of the ride as we really wanted to visit Duomo Cathedral and look at the famous gargoyles. Actually, this is a very convenient service for getting to know the city very quickly. The car was new, and the driver was quite well-mannered! The air conditioner saved us from the summer heat.
Booked a city ride by car for the first time and really liked it! 🤩 We had a Mercedes Vito, so there was enough space for everyone. We ordered two child seats in advance. The driver was very polite and drove carefully. We have managed to visit all the attractions except for the Navigli District) Kiwitaxi, thank you for the ride!
Kiwitaxi made our trip to Milan unforgettable! In just a few hours we have managed to visit as many attractions as we would never able to visit on our own in two weeks! An English-speaking driver is what we needed in a new city. I could stop anywhere to take photos or buy souvenirs. The driver was always waiting for us in the car
We have long wanted to visit Milan but didn’t know how to organize the trip. On the advice of our friends, we decided to turn to Kiwitaxi. The driver drove well and turned out to be a real expert of Milan
I travelled with my husband and my eldest daughter. The whole car was ours – we didn't have to face a bunch of tourists as it usually happens in crowded tourist buses. Milan has a stunning architecture that is difficult to convey in words. On the advice of the driver, we had a snack at the Pavé café.
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