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This type of tour is a perfect choice for those who want to learn as much as possible about Prague and its history. We have compiled a rich itinerary: it includes the most iconic locations so that your acquaintance with the capital of the Czech Republic would be exciting, but not tiring. Book a Guided Car Tour of Prague in order to discover this fabulous city with Kiwitaxi!

  • An individual tour will take place in the company of an experienced guide and a professional driver in one. You will be provided with a comfortable car as well.
  • The itinerary and duration of the guided tour are fixed.
  • You pay per tour, not per person. The total cost depends on the selected car type.
  • When booking, you can order a meeting at the airport and a child seat at an additional fee.
  • The tour will start at a convenient location: we can pick you up at a hotel, a cafe, or any other place within the city. After the tour, we can take you back or leave at the final tourist attraction.

The places we will introduce you to

  • Your trip around Prague will begin in Vyšehrad, the oldest part of the city. Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of the mediaeval Czech Republic and admire the fascinating views of both the city and the Vltava River. On the territory of the fort, you will also find a lot of historical sights such as the ruins of a watchtower, the Rotunda of St. Martin, the Leopold Gate, and a park full of unusual sculptures.
  • The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul deserves your special attention: this majestic Neo-Gothic church will impress you with its huge towers, magnificent stained glass windows, and wall paintings.
  • Next, you will visit Charles Square, the largest historical square in the Czech Republic. Walking through its territory, you will look into the real English park and then admire the architecture of Catholic churches and the eclectic New Town Hall. Lovers of mysticism will definitely be interested in visiting Faust House!
  • After that, you will head to the most original architectural tourist attraction of Prague called The Dancing House. This curved building resembles a dancing couple: it stands out against the background of other buildings which creates an amazing contrast!
  • An obligatory part of the tour is a walk along Charles Bridge, the main symbol of Prague. Feel free to take beautiful photos against the backdrop of the city, admire the baroque sculptures, and listen to the street performances!
  • For amusement, you will visit Vinárna Čertovka, the narrowest street in Prague which is only 70 cm wide. It used to be the fire escape passage, and nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction.
  • Your trip through the Czech capital will continue in Prague Castle, the current residence of the President of the Czech Republic. It is a huge complex consisting of spacious squares, lush gardens, huge palaces, and cathedrals made in different architectural styles.
  • The main decoration of the castle is St. Vitus Cathedral, a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Its grandiose towers can be seen from almost anywhere in the city!
  • Next, you will visit the ancient Strahov Monastery, on the territory of which you will find a library, an art gallery, the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady, and the Strahov Monastery Brewery. You will have the opportunity to climb to the best observation deck in the city offering the excellent views of Vyšehrad, Old Town Square, and Prague Castle.
  • After that, you will visit The Old Town Hall to see a puppet show by Prague Orloj (The Prague Astronomical Clock). Not far from the Town Hall, you will see the Marian Column and the black towers of the Church of Our Lady before Týn.
  • Your guided tour will end at Wenceslas Square: take a walk along the ancient buildings of museums, theatres, hotels, and banks!


Tour route
The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
Charles Square
The Dancing House
Charles Bridge
Vinárna Čertovka
Prague Castle
St. Vitus Cathedral
Strahov Monastery
The Old Town Hall and Prague Orloj
Wenceslas Square
Additional details


Please note that entrance fees to the tourist attractions are not included in price.

1 to 7 people
4 hours
The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul
Charles Square
The Dancing House
Charles Bridge
Vinárna Čertovka
Prague Castle
St. Vitus Cathedral
Strahov Monastery
The Old Town Hall and Prague Orloj
Wenceslas Square


Please note that entrance fees to the tourist attractions are not included in price.


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Luggage service
We can put the luggage into the car or carry it to the hotel if necessary
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You will get a full refund if the order is cancelled more than 24 hours before the start of the tour

What's included

  • Pickup and dropoff within the city
  • A comfortable car 
  • An experienced driver and a guide in one
  • Drinking water
  • All taxes, fees, and fuel costs
  • 24/7 support service
  • Entrance fees to the tourist attractions
  • Meeting at the airport (you can order it for an extra fee when booking)
  • Child seats (you can order them for an extra fee when booking)

Perfect for

Spending time with benefit
Have fun during a layover, after an early arrival, or before a late departure
Having a rest with the whole family
Explore the city with your kids! For a safe ride, order a child seat, a booster, or an infant seat at an extra fee
Discovering something new
Visit the main tourist attractions moving around the city in a comfortable car
Giving your loved ones new experience
Organise a sightseeing tour to make their stay in the city truly memorable

Tips and tricks

  • A crown is a unit of the official currency of the Czech Republic. If you want to pay in euros, choose large stores. In most shops and cafes, they accept only local currency.
  • Favourable exchange rates can be found in Arabian currency exchange offices: the most popular one is located on Wenceslas Square behind the New Yorker store.
  • The streets in Prague are paved with stone. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes before going for a walk.
  • Wake up very early if you want to take beautiful photos against the backdrop of the local sights. Visiting Charles Bridge before dawn will let you capture wonderful pictures without crowds of tourists!
  • Be sure to try Prague ham and the sweet pastry called Trdelnik.
  • There is always a huge queue for a juicy charcoal-broiled piece of ham. In most street stalls, the prices are indicated not for 100 g, but for 600 g instead: it would be better to take this big portion for several people.
  • In the Czech Republic, the cleanliness of the streets is strictly monitored. For littering, you will be fined 1,000 crowns.


What is your cancellation policy?
You will receive a 100% refund if the order is canceled more than 24 hours before the start of the tour. In case you cancel the order less than 24 hours before the start of the tour (or in case of your no-show), a full refund will not be provided.
What happens after I place an order?
We will send an order confirmation and a voucher with all the necessary information about the order at your email address. Contact our support service via email ( or via Telegram (@kiwitaxi_tour) in case you have any questions concerning the order.
How can I find my guide?
The guide will be waiting for you at the pickup point that you specified in the booking form. He will contact you for further details via the messaging app 24 hours before the start of the tour. The guide will call you if there are less than 24 hours left and if you haven’t answered him in the messaging app.
Can I take the luggage with me in the car?
Yes, we can put it in the trunk, carry it to the hotel, or bring it to the airport terminal.
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