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Bali is a magical Indonesian island that attracts millions of travelers with magnificent nature, hospitality of the locals, as well as the overall atmosphere of peace and serenity. Fascinating volcanoes, endless rice terraces, and amazing beaches—isn’t this Heaven on Earth?

In addition to stunning natural landscapes, Bali charms its guests with ancient temples and palaces, lavish ceremonies, vibrant nightlife, and excellent opportunities for both surfing and diving. With Kiwitaxi, you will have enough time to enjoy the beauty of the island and try as much entertainment as possible!

The best time to visit Bali is from April to October: the island will meet you with warm sea and sunny weather. But if you prefer to have a secluded rest, we recommend visiting Bali in spring or autumn. At this time, there are few people here, the weather is quite warm, and tropical storms occur most often at night.

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