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Madrid is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain and one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. The city owes its bright individuality to centuries-old history, unique architectural appearance, and a special atmosphere of hospitality. Travelers come to Madrid to get to know its peculiar culture, visit the sights, enjoy the gastronomic delights, and feel the energetic rhythm of this Spanish city.

Madrid is famous for its world-class museums, lively streets and markets, as well as a variety of shops, restaurants, and night clubs. Contrasting with modern buildings, the historical part of the city impresses its guests with truly unique constructions. Be sure to go for a walk through the quiet neighborhoods, old family taverns, and cultural centres! Kiwitaxi is ready to become your faithful companion and implement many interesting ideas!

You can enjoy Madrid at any time of the year: each season has its own peculiarities. Spring is known for the soft sun and lovely blooming gardens but the weather is quite unpredictable. Summer months will definitely suit those who prefer a secluded holiday: due to the unbearable heat, there are few tourists in the city, and the locals usually head to the coast. In autumn, you can walk around the city all day long enjoying the wonderful warm weather. And in winter, Madrid will charm you with decorated streets and big sales: get ready for Christmas!

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