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Located on the east coast of the Gulf of Siam, this resort city is known for incredible beaches and vibrant nightlife. Despite the rapid development of urban infrastructure, modern Pattaya has managed to retain its original appearance and charm.

The city offers countless activities from beach holiday and cultural sightseeing to bungee jumping, golf, and nightclubs. With Kiwitaxi service, you can experience the full range of entertainment!

The high season in Pattaya lasts almost all year round except for the rainy season (i.e. from May to October) when there are fewer tourists in the city. The best time to visit the island is the period from November to March: the sea is calm and there is no exhausting heat or rainfalls. Moreover, during these months, the city can boast of a huge variety of shows and festivals.

Fill your vacation with exotic entertainments of this lovely Thai resort with Kiwitaxi service!