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Cappadocia is a historical region located in the central part of Turkey. It is known for its unique volcanic landscape and breathtaking scenery with fairytale chimneys, underground cities, and canyons.

Walk through the picturesque valleys, explore the cave dwellings, and visit historical museums! You can also try your hand at pottery and enjoy a glass of local wine. These are just some of the activities that Cappadocia has to offer. Kiwitaxi will make your vacation as entertaining and comfortable as possible!

During the summer months, this region can boast of bright sunshine and a variety of festivals. The off-season (April, May, September, and October) is considered the perfect time for long walks in the valleys. During these months, the weather is moderately warm and dry. But Cappadocia is no less beautiful in winter: fabulous landscapes with snow-covered hills and cliffs will be waiting here for you.

Experience the natural beauty and rich culture of Cappadocia with Kiwitaxi!