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Munich is the capital of Bavaria and its largest city as well. Many people associate it with the famous Oktoberfest, but Munich has a lot more to offer than you think! Located near the Alps, this stunning city can boast of amazing nature, countless sights, and a special holiday atmosphere.

Walk through beautiful squares and parks, admire the amazing architecture of the old buildings and castles, and visit local museums! Be sure to take part in one of the festivals and listen to the performances by promising musicians. Kiwitaxi is ready to help you organise an unforgettable trip!

Every season has its own charm in Munich. In spring, the warm weather is perfect for long walks and sightseeing. In summer, you can enjoy a variety of festivals and visit numerous beer gardens. In autumn, the legendary Oktoberfest takes place here, while museums and galleries reduce the prices of entrance tickets. And in winter, Munich will welcome you with Christmas markets and holiday events.

Discover the diversity of the capital of Bavaria with Kiwitaxi guided tours and sightseeing rides!